Convention Delegates

Delegates to Diocesan Convention provide a link between the congregation and the Diocese by representing the congregation at the diocesan level, and by reporting back to the congregation on events, actions and decisions that occur. Delegates represent the congregation at the annual Diocesan Convention and any specially convened conventions.

Lay delegates and alternate delegates are elected at the parish's annual meeting each January. The term of office is for one year. The lay delegates and alternates are certified as such to the Secretary of the Convention and then listed on the official voting and mailing lists.

Each lay delegate should be someone who can represent the congregation and vote on its behalf on a variety of subjects.

All congregational clergy also serve as delegates and should be considered as part of the congregation's delegation.

2015 Delegates

Scott Swann (Senior Warden)

Don Bendure

Robert Boyer

Harvey Craig

Lenore Rothman

2015 Alternates

Thom Murrell