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Clergy, Past & Present

St. Vincent's Cathedral and School has been blessed over the years with many individuals who have served as either Deacon, Curate, Assistant Priest, Vicar, or Rector. Names in Bold and Blue are currently on staff at St. Vincent's.

The following priests have served as the Chief Pastor of St. Vincent's Cathedral and School:

Rev. James Flinn, Missioner, 1956-1957

Rev. H. Paul Hadley, Rector I, 1958-1968

Rev. Stephen D. Carter, Rector II, 1968-1973

Rev. William F. Forrest, Rector III, 1973-1978

Rev. William A. Crary, Jr., Rector IV, 1978-1984

Rev. Rex D. Perry, Rector V, 1984-1987

Rev. Louis L. Tobola, Jr., Rector VI & Dean I, 1988-2000

Rev. John G. Twyman, Priest-in-Charge, 2000-2002

Very Rev. Ryan S. Reed, Rector VII & Dean II, 2002-present



The following individuals have served in various positions at St. Vincent's:

Rev. David Jones, Assistant Priest, 1967-1972

Rev. Steve Swann, Curate, 1970-1971

Rev. Joe Burnett, Assistant Priest, 1972-1974

Rev. Walter Goetsche, Assistant Priest, 1974-1976

Rev. William A. Crary, Jr., Assistant Priest, 1976-1977

Rev. Mr. Oliver Wolcott Smith III, Deacon, 1979-1980

Rev. Louis L. Tobola, Jr., Assistant Priest, 1980-1988

Rev. John L. Scott III, Assistant Priest, 1983-1984

Rev. David Cardona, Curate, 1990-1992

Rev. Christopher Stainbrook, Assistant Priest, 1990-1993

Rev. John Munson, Curate, 1992-1994

Rev. Mr. Kerwin K. Wade, Deacon 1993-2002

Rev. Ross Waggoner, Curate, 1994-1996

Rev. Tommy F. Bye, Curate & Assistant Priest, 1994-1997

Rev. Ryan S. Reed, Curate, 1996-1998

Rev. Eric Mills, Curate, 1998-2000

Rev. John G. Twyman, Assistant Priest, 1999-2002

Rev. Stephen W. Jones, Curate & Assistant Priest, 2001-2004

Rev. Richard A. Cantrell, Assistant Priest, 2002-present

Rev. Mr. Mark Parker, Deacon, 2003-2006

Rev. Jeffrey Moore, Curate, 2004-2006

Rev. Kerwin K. Wade, Deacon, 2006-present

Rev. John W. Jordan, Curate & Assistant Priest, 2006-2009

Rev. Randall W. Foster, School Chaplain, 2007-2016

Rev. John S. Kalimi, Vicar, African Fellowship, 2007-present

Rev. Andrew S. Petta, Curate, 2010-2011

Rev. Quintin Morrow, Assistant Priest, 2011-2015

Rev. Alan S. Horton,Curate & Assistant Priest, 2013-2016