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Objectives of the Music Program

The purpose of the Music Program:

  • To glorify God
  • To provide support for congregational worship
  • To train choirs and other ensembles to provide this support
  • To provide instruction for choirs and ensembles in the performance of music of the highest Christian inspiration, from early plainsong to the present day
  • To perform the works the best of our ability, in order to enhance the worship of the church and deepen the spiritual lives of both performers and congregation
  • To give opportunity for parish members to involve themselves more deeply in the life of the community

Objectives of the Children's Choir Program:

  • To treat the children and the music of worship with respect
  • To teach them the meaning of the words they sing
  • To find and encourage their head voice, sing on good vowels, develop good breath to sustain long phrases, and learn proper pronunciation
  • To find the most meaningful texts set to the best music, in the best range, for each group, and teach it in a way that encourages the children to understand it, take pleasure in signing it well, and believe in the worth of their contribution
  • Thereby to glorify God, and to worship Him in the beauty of holiness