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  February 2017  
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Meets each Thursday in the Library


Friends of St. Benedict
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Rosary Ministry
6:00 PM
The St. Vincent's Rosary Ministry meets every Wednesday evening from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in St. Mary's Chapel.


Intercessory Prayer Group
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Meets each Thursday in the Library




Men's Ministry
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Meets in the Conference Room for fellowship, study and prayer. Al men are welcome.


Finance Committee
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Rosary Ministry
6:00 PM
The St. Vincent's Rosary Ministry meets every Wednesday evening from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in St. Mary's Chapel.


Intercessory Prayer Group
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Meets each Thursday in the Library


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Submitted by: Darlene Divers
Chuck, Darlene's uncle, has passed away. Please keep the family in your prayers. May the soul of Chuck, and of all the faithful departed, by the mercy of God, rest in peace. May light perpetual shine upon them.Prayers02-21-2017
Danny Turner
Submitted by: John McGee
Danny has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Prayers requested for healing and recovery.Illness02-15-2017
Allen Long
Submitted by: Virginia Murrah
Allen, Kristie Hanhart's brother-in-law, passed away yesterday. Please keep the family in your prayers. May the soul of Allen, and of all the faithful departed, by the mercy of God, rest in peace. May light perpetual shine upon them.Prayers02-14-2017
Stephen McEntyre
Submitted by: Ann Slater
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Prayers for healing for Stephen McEntyre, who recently discovered that he has a possibly malignant brain tumor and will be undergoing surgery soon. Prayers of comfort to his family as well.Illness02-09-2017
Gary Ladd
Submitted by: Laurie Connely
Gary, Laurie & Tom's daughter-in-law's father, has been diagnosed with throat cancer. Please keep Gary and the family in your prayers.Prayers02-09-2017
Submitted by: John McGee
Please pray for restored health for Jamie who has been diagnosed with lung cancer.Prayers02-07-2017
Linda Repass
Submitted by: Metah Boroughs
Please pray for Linda's restored health.Illness02-06-2017
Dawin "DJ" Peterson
Submitted by: Kemisha Ware
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Please offer a special prayer for Dawin "DJ" who was recently diagnosed with LUPUS. DJ is 5 years old and is being as strong and brave as he can be.Illness02-01-2017
Bill Wingfield
Submitted by: John McGee
Bill, a friend of John's, has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Please pray for success of treatment and restored health for Bill.Prayers01-31-2017
Deacon Wade
Submitted by: Harriet Wade
Please keep Deacon Wade in your prayers. He is undergoing surgery tomorrow to put pins and screws in his arm/wrist.Surgery01-30-2017
Conor Jackson
Submitted by: Warren Jackson
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Conor Jackson is recovering from a successful surgery to repair a recurrent collapsing left lung. Thanks for all the love and prayers...! Please pray for continued healing.Thanksgiving01-27-2017
Fr. William Forrest
Submitted by: Dean Reed
We are sad to announce that Fr. William (Bill) Forrest passed away yesterday. The Requiem Mass will be held at 3:00pm on Saturday, February 4th at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Irving. May the soul of Fr. Bill, and of all the faithful departed, by the mercy of God, rest in peace. May light perpetual shine upon them.Prayers01-26-2017
Submitted by: David Johnson
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Jesse, Terah Johnson's father, needs prayers for recovery from unexpected surgery to remove a tumor. Pray for healing. Hospital01-24-2017
Submitted by: Linda
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Dewey had cancer 6 years ago.Lift him up in prayer that he remains cancer free. Also he had surgery. Please pray for a full recovery. Tyler is a troubled young man who needs deliverance from drugs & his health problems and pray for his salvation. Pray the Lord will bring the right people into his life to turn his life around in a very positive way. Leslie has COPD and rheumatoid arthritis and recently had a heartattack. Pray for total healing. Roger had a massive heart attack and congestive heart failure due to his diabetes. And only has about 25% of his heart working. Pray for total healing. Jeff had a mini stroke. Pray for total healing. Also pray for deliverance from smoking. I, Linda, have a health problem that's causing me a lot of pain in my feet.Pray for total healing. Also pray for financial breakthrough for my husband and IPrayers01-18-2017
Mike Collins
Submitted by: Michelle Briggs
Please keep Mike, Michelle's son, in prayer for healing following a motorcycle wreck.Prayers01-10-2017
Submitted by: Don Bendure
Prayers for Michelle's restored health.Prayers01-10-2017
Ella Mae Horne
Submitted by: Susana Laird
Ella, Kathy McGee's mother, needs prayers for health issues.Other01-09-2017
Roger Williams
Submitted by: Kerry Watts
Prayers for restored health for Roger as he undergoes treatment for cancer.Illness01-08-2017
Ann Atkins
Submitted by: Dean Reed
Please pray for Ann who is currently at Baylor Grapevine.Prayers01-05-2017
Submitted by: Tom Parham
Please pray for Jed's restored health as he deals with vertigo.Illness12-29-2016
Justin Bible
Submitted by: Carol Williams
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Justin is my father-in-law and has been placed on hospice for colon cancer. Please pray for him and for our family.Illness12-27-2016
George Midgley
Submitted by: Justin Midgley-Snow
Please pray for George's restored health. He fell and fractured his hip and is having surgery today.Prayers12-22-2016
Submitted by: Polly Post
Please pray for Polly Post's grandson, Max's restored health following back surgery today.Surgery12-19-2016
Submitted by: Ron & Jan Turner
Please pray for quick recovery from knee surgery today for our daughter, Jennifer.Surgery12-07-2016
Paula Craig
Submitted by: Harvey Craig
Please pray for Paula's restored health.Illness10-21-2016
Patrick Johnson
Submitted by: Metah Boroughs
Please pray for Patrick, the son of Metah's friend, who is in the Navy and being deployed in October. Military Personnel09-21-2016
Shirley, Robert, Cathy & Stratton
Submitted by: Shirley Dansby
Please pray for guidance for Shirley, Robert, Cathy and Stratton.Prayers08-18-2016
Fr. Cantrell
Submitted by: Dean Reed
Please pray for Fr. Cantrell's restored health.Illness08-17-2016
Prayers for Dixie Nichols
Submitted by: Deda Young
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Please pray for my mother, Dixie that chemotherapy eradicates her lung cancer and that her health is restored. Illness08-08-2016
Jim Murrell
Submitted by: Thom Murrell
Prayers for success of treatment and restored health for Jim as he undergoes radiation treatment for prostate cancer.Illness07-25-2016
Sherry Wood
Submitted by: Donna Baker
Prayers for Sherry's restored health.Prayers07-05-2016
Submitted by: Dean Reed
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Judy Bartco. Illness06-11-2016
Submitted by: Metah Boroughs
Please pray for Lisa who has a rare cancer of the eye that has spread to her liver.Prayers05-23-2016
Ben Fain
Submitted by: Beth Fain
Prayers for Ben's safe travel abroad and successful mission trip.Prayers05-18-2016
Jason Mires
Submitted by: Thom & Jan Murrell
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Jason has bladder cancer and is having second surgery Monday (3/21), at M D Anderson. He is the 42 year old son of long time friends and business partners. Please pray for successful surgery and healing, and for his family, he got married last summer.Surgery03-19-2016
Don Bartko
Submitted by: Judy Bartko
Prayers for Don's restored health.Prayers03-17-2016
Ann Atkins
Submitted by: Dean Reed
My name is Christy Riley, some of you know me from my long time friendship with Ann Atkins. I am writing this letter out of my love and concern for my dear friend. Back in July, 2014, Ann was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Disease. By September, her kidneys were functioning at 5%. Ann was left with two options, dialysis or a kidney transplant. She has been on dialysis since then while also enrolling in the Baylor Hospital Kidney Transplant Program. In May of 2015, Ann was approved as a suitable transplant recipient. Unfortunately, willing donors that came forward, myself included, have been disqualified during the screening and application process due to health issues. Sadly, Ann's health has continued to decline. Her kidney problems and various complications have led to numerous hospitalizations, most recent for two weeks over Christmas and the New Year. Her overall health, energy and function have deteriorated drastically. I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider becoming a living-transplant donor. There are enormous advantages with a living donor as opposed to a deceased one. Long term outcomes are far better. There is a shorter wait time. You can schedule your surgery. There is quicker kidney function and a far lower rejection rate. If you would like to learn more about the Living Donor Program, there is a wealth of information available on line. You can google Living Kidney Transplant - Donor Information Dallas and find that Baylor has information that is very helpful. Thank you and bless you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to pass this letter along to others who may be interested. Sincerely, Christy Riley P.S. If you would like to contact Ann. (214) 718-4245 Prayers02-18-2016
Patricia Wadley
Submitted by: Jessica Knutson
Patricia, Jessica's mother, has stage 4 lung cancer and two brain tumors, one which is inoperable. Please pray for Patricia and the family.Prayers01-04-2016
Judy Kuykendall
Submitted by: Sharon Kuykendall
Judy, Sam Kuykendall's mother, needs prayers as she deals with cancer.Prayers12-21-2015
Lisa Post
Submitted by: Polly Post
Please pray for Lisa, Polly's daughter-in-law, as she undergoes surgery/treatment for breast cancer.Prayers11-18-2015
Tracy Payne
Submitted by: Kathy Reed
Please pray for Tracy, Virginia Murrah's sister-in-law who is undergoing chemo treatments in Houston and not doing very well.Prayers10-29-2015
Jan Turner
Submitted by: Ron Turner
Prayers requested for Jan who is experiencing MS health issues.Illness10-28-2015
Josephine Baron
Submitted by: Diana Mueller
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Prayers for my mother-in-law who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.Illness07-15-2015
Submitted by: Metah Boroughs
Prayers for safety for Zach who is being deployed to the Middle East.Military Personnel03-11-2015
Lydia Louis
Submitted by: Tom Parham
Lydia, Tom's niece, has been called up from the reserves to Active Duty (Army) and may be going to Liberia. Please keep her in your prayers.Military Personnel10-20-2014
Paul Howard
Submitted by: Carlene Howard
Please pray for Paul's speedy recovery as he has been diagnosed with the West Nile virus.Illness09-04-2014
Submitted by: Denise
Prayers for safety, patience and faith.Prayers12-31-2013
James Richard Moore
Submitted by: James & Ann Moore
Military ServiceMilitary Personnel07-18-2013
Submitted by: Jennifer Holbrook
Military ServiceMilitary Personnel02-11-2013
Matt Ward
Submitted by: Liz Ward
Protection while in FEMA AmericorpsOther09-04-2012