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Vestry Committees & Responsibilities

The Vestry establishes parish committees to oversee the various activities of the parish. Vestry members serve on the committees as either the chairman or a representative. At least one vestry member is responsible for reporting to the vestry on the committee's activities.

The Finance Committee reviews monthly budgets, prepares the annual budget, and makes financial and business recommendations to the vestry.

The Communications Committee has oversight of Parish planning between ministry groups and assists in the development and editing of Newsletters.

The Newcomers and Evangelism Committee oversees visitor programs and assists other committees with integration into ministry.

The Stewardship Committee conducts the annual stewardship drive, education in giving and ministry, and selected fundraising (DMR, Bell Tower, Outdoor Prayer Garden, Youth Ministry).

The Fr. Hadley Memorial Scholarship Fund Committee raises funds and distributes funds for parish children to attend school, and develops by-laws as needed.

The Building & Grounds Committee has oversight of the property and facilities, maintenance, care, and appearance.

The Missions Outreach Committee educates the parish on mission and outreach and implements and supports mission and outreach programs.