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What can I expect to see upon entering the church?

As you enter, you will notice an atmosphere of worship and reverence.

Anglican churches are built in many architectural styles, but whether the church is small or large, elaborate or plain, your eye is carried to the altar, or holy table, and to the cross. So our thoughts are taken at once to Christ and to God whose house the church is.

On or near the altar, there are candles to remind us that Christ is the "Light of the World" (John 8:12). Often there are flowers, to beautify God's house and to recall the resurrection of Jesus.

On one side of the front of the church, there may be a lectern-pulpit, or stand, for the proclamation of the Word; here the Scriptures are read and the sermon is preached. In many churches, however, the lectern is separate from the pulpit and stands on the opposite side of the church.