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What Is Required To Get Married At St. Vincent´s?

For a marriage to be solemnized at St. Vincent’s, at least one of the couple must have been an active communicant of the Parish for the preceding six months. Couples planning marriage must consult with the priest before setting the date for the marriage.

This conference is to see that all requirements of the state, Canon Law, and of the Parish are met, and to reserve the church or chapel. The Episcopal Church requires that the couple receive instruction from a priest concerning the nature of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Under normal conditions, 30 days' notice is required as a minimum. However, at least 60 to 90 days are required to complete the pre-marital counseling and other preparations.

Should one of the parties to a proposed marriage be separated from a previous marriage, a petition to the Bishop for a possible dispensation must be processed through the Parish priest. In that event, a 120-day (four months) notice is required.