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Christian Healing
Leader: Michelle Briggs

Part of Christian healing is the Order of St. Luke (OSL.) Let the Rev. Al Durrance tell you about it in this article he wrote in 1992 for Sharing magazine.


By The Rev. Al Durrance

The Order of St. Luke the Physician (OSL) was born in the Episcopal Church, but it is neither denominational nor congregational. It is Christian and concerned with the Body of Christ. It is an Order of people who have covenanted to make themselves available to God. 

The more specific purpose of our availability to be used as the Body through which Jesus Christ is still present to His beloved for whom He died and whose wholeness He seeks. We are available as a channel of that love which is the power to heal.

We are an Order because Jesus Christ has called us to be a Body – a Community of His people set apart for His use. We are not always in one place, but in Christ there is no geographical separation nor any separation in time. He is here, and so in some sense, you are here. In Him, we share a reality that exists beyond time and space. 

There are some things I can do by myself. I can make my own commitment to Jesus Christ. I can give myself to be used for His purposes. I can wield the gifts that He gives to me; but I cannot be given to the same purpose. 

I am part of a community. A community is not an organization where people come together with people who are alike. It is a body that is drawn to a center. A Christian community is one that is drawn together around the Risen Christ. 

A community does not decide what it will be like on the basis of what its members bring to it. It finds its personality defined by the center which draws it together. OSL finds its character from the healing Christ who stands in our midst. 

Jesus does not intend to make us all stereotypes. He rather wills us to fulfill the uniqueness of each one of us that we might live together in His love – a body of many members – each sharing the unique gift that he or she gives to make the body complete. It is for this reason that OSL has an induction as full members who have been through the associate membership and have found it to be the door through which we are called by Jesus into a vocation of the healing ministry. 

None of us will have exactly the same ministry. There are some who will be the lungs of the Body – those who intercede for the sick and for the ministry of OSL. There will be some who will be called to teach and preach, some called to go to the sick to lay on hands and anoint. Some will be called to sit and hold the hand of one who is lonely; but all called to be a part of the Body of the Healing Christ. 

When we are together, it is east to visualize the reality of the community of which we are a part. We can see the love and feel the power of God in and through the assembled Body. We have no problem with our identity as a member of the Body. 

When we are alone, we often feel separated and left out of the flow of love. At those times, we need to be still and know that the reality of our community does not rest in the people who comprise its membership, but the Risen Christ who stands in the center and draws us to Himself – and know that He is present in the power of His love knitting us to Himself and one another in love.