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Order of St. Luke
Leader: Michelle Briggs

The Order of St. Luke, OSL, is an interdenominational Christian community of faith, prayer, and service. We are a fellowship of believers who have seen a spiritual awakening and renewal, a recovery of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ as a part of life in many churches and communities.

We are not a church. We are not a club. We are not a social institution. We are an organization of faith, prayer and service with Chapters throughout the world. Our members come from many backgrounds of dogma, discipline and experience. We are medical people, lay people and clergy devoted to bringing this ministry to all who need physical, spiritual or emotional healing.

We exist as an organization because we are people into whose lives God’s call has come prodding us to respond; to do something with our lives that others may experience in their lives the daily healing power of Jesus Christ.

On Sundays, we assist our priests with healing prayer at the altar after the 9:00am and 11:15am services, and we are available for longer prayer when needed.