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St. Vincent's Vestry consists of twelve members who serve three-year terms, with four terms expiring at the close of the January Annual Parish Meeting each year. They are concerned with the temporal affairs of the parish. Each vestry member serves on one or more committees and the chair of each committee is normally a vestry member.

Monthly meetings are currently held on the third Monday of each month at 7:10 p.m.

January 2016-2019

Lenore Rothman (Senior Warden)

Bob Barcus (Treasurer)

Laurie Connely

Stephen Manson

Stephen Manson (Vestry Clerk)


January 2017-2020

Harvey Craig

David Johnson

Maria McDaniel

Thomas Parham, Jr. (Junior Warden)


January 2018-2021

Pamela Campbell

Cady Thomas

Mack Wood

Dennis Emerick